Dan Helm
Dan Helm
Supervisor of Elections


Dan attended local public schools and graduated from Lakewood High School. As a competitive soccer and chess player, Dan traveled all over beautiful Pinellas participating in competitive sports. He learned at a young age a love of games, but also a deep appreciation of the rules. Dan co-founded the debate club at Lakewood High School and became increasingly passionate about the Constitution and voting rights issues.

Dan attended the University of Florida in Gainesville. Dan was active in Gainesville in voting issues, including personally registering many voters. While there, Dan met the love of his life: Rose.

After graduation from the University of Florida, Dan attended Emory Law School. Dan came to understand that the right to vote is what ultimately protects every other right we have. It is paramount that we have a process that protects voters rights.

After law school, Dan worked on Voter Protection issues in Florida in 2016. It was an eye opener!

Dan successfully sued a supervisor of elections 2018 for election law violations and forced elected officials to follow Florida election law.