Dawn Douglas
Dawn Douglas
Florida House District 67


Dawn Douglas, a mother of two and grandmother of three, has lived in Pinellas County since first grade.  With the exception of 5 years, Dawn has been a life long resident of Pinellas.  After graduating from Largo High School she followed a childhood dream of becoming a mermaid at Weeki Wachee Springs. While still a mermaid, she began her studies at St. Petersburg Junior College (now SPC), where she completed her A. A. degree and then attended USF in St. Petersburg, earning a B.A. In English. 
As a public school teacher, Dawn has been active advocating for students, teachers and public education.  She has worked diligently to improve the quality of education while lobbying locally and in Tallahassee.  

The need to protect Florida’s water quality and return it to a pristine state is of high importance to this candidate.  There is an urgency to stop toxic dumping into our waterways, as well as continuing to ban  “fracking” in our fragile ecosystems. 

Florida needs to plan for the already burgeoning number of people on the roads and develop substantial public transportation to make our cities and attractions easily accessible for all. Florida can build high speed rails and short distance travel systems to enhance seamless transportation. 

Dawn was inspired to seek political office as she observed that politicians in Tallahassee have been voting to the benefit of corporate donors, instead of the people of this state. It’s time to make certain our tax dollars serve the public and aren’t spent to enrich corporate interests.