Jennifer Webb
Jennifer Webb
Florida House District 69


People are angry at being forgotten by politicians once they get up to Tallahassee. My neighbors and our communities deserve a public servant who is strong enough to steer clear of the Tallahassee scene and principled enough to keep her nose to the grindstone.

My freshman term, I did just this. I worked for you. I sponsored bills created by our community and focused on appropriations that would fix our failing infrastructure like you asked. Prior to the economic and health crisis, I would have said, “We did great! Our policies really won the day.”

But we aren’t doing great. Families can’t put food on the table. People still have yet to be paid their unemployment. Getting COVID-19 doesn’t just mean contracting what could be a life or death illness; it also means potentially going bankrupt because of shoddy health insurance coverage. Local business owners feel jerked around and have received little help from the state.

We have the grit and determination to get us through these tough times. I know that even though we love our liberty, we also value being good neighbors. You have joined me in distributing food to families in need, run errands for your elderly or sickly neighbors, and put your minds to finding a pathway forward that would work for Florida. Specifically, I can count on you to ask thoughtful questions and to suggest solutions that make solid sense.