Jessica Harrington
Jessica Harrington
Florida House District 64


Jessica Harrington is a fierce advocate for working families, education, and conservation. She understands that you deserve a representative who will listen to you and will fight to make your ideas heard.

These past few months have been tough, but for many people, life has been hard for years. As a 7th Grade Civics teacher at Sergeant Paul R. Smith Middle School, she has seen firsthand the struggles of families facing health challenges and economic uncertainty. Jessica believes that a quality education can help families out of poverty. Every day, Jessica works to educate the next generation of leaders, steering the conversation into difficult topics and letting students express themselves and their ideas. Most importantly, she gives them a foundation to understand how we got where we are, gives them a voice to talk about how the policies impact their own lives, and encourages them to come up with creative solutions that would make life better for them, their families, and their community.

Now, she is ready to take that conversation to the next level. For far too long, Tallahassee has been run by a network of self-serving politicians, funded by corporate donors and lobbyists. These politicians abuse their power and are not held accountable.
The people in House District 64 deserve better. You deserve to have an advocate who will work full-time for you, not special interests. You deserve to have a champion who will give you a voice in your government.