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Summary of Resolutions adopted at the 2017 State Democratic Conference


Delegates from across the state recently approved a package of progressive resolutions reflecting the beliefs of Florida Democrats.


Democratic delegates assembled at the Florida Democratic Party’s 2017 State Conference on October 28, and participated in the State Party’s first-ever resolutions process. Any delegate could propose a resolution for consideration. The Resolutions Committee reviewed 47 issue-based proposals and worked over 30 hours to consolidate them into 15 resolutions presented for a vote at the State Conference. Delegates were given the opportunity to comment on the proposals at the conference. The package of resolutions was overwhelmingly approved by a vote of 820 to 13.


Below is a synopsis of the issue resolutions approved at the State Conference. These resolutions express the beliefs of Florida Democrats and the wonderful diversity of our Party. As well, the resolutions offer an important insight into the difference between Florida Democrats and Republicans.  


For the full text of each resolution visit “A Better Florida.”


Supporting Economic Justice & Prosperity for all Floridians

The Florida Democratic Party supports a living wage, fair compensation, paid sick and family leave, collective bargaining rights, green job creation, investment in our crumbling infrastructure, and policies that aim to address economic inequality by ensuring that working people receive their fair share of Florida’s prosperity.


Supporting the Right to Free, Accessible, Equitable, and Quality Public Education, Investment in Trade and Technical Schools, and the end of the For-Profit Education Industry that takes funds away from Public Education

Every American deserves access to a free, accessible, equitable, high-quality education from pre-K through post-secondary education — whether that’s through a college education or a trade and technical school. The Florida Democratic Party (FDP) calls for an end to the for-profit education industry that take funds from public education — there must be a moratorium on charter expansion until safeguards that ensure accountability are in put in place.


Safeguarding the Equal Rights, Inclusion and Protection of All People

This resolution supports the equal rights, inclusion and protection of all people regardless of race, gender (sex) and gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, socio-economic status, disability, etc. and condemns all forms of discrimination and hatred.


Supporting Equity & Reform in the Criminal Justice System

We believe in building a justice system that is truly just by putting an end to racial discrimination, disproportionate incarceration, police brutality towards minority communities, militarization of police and prisons, and the death penalty.


Environmental Justice for All Floridians

The Florida Democratic Party (FDP) supports environmental protections, renewable energy, clean air, food and water for all Floridians.


Ending Felon Disenfranchisement in Florida

A resolution of support for the automatic restoration of voting rights to Floridians with felony convictions after they have completed all terms of their sentences.


Supporting Voting Rights for all Citizens and Expanding Voter Participation

The Florida Democratic Party believes that voting is a sacred and fundamental right that must be protected. Maximizing voter participation is a Democratic core principle and we support policies that expand voter participation.


Supporting Home Rule & Opposing Big Money in Politics

We support home rule as critical to accomplishing progressive change at the local level, and encourage municipalities to enact policy changes in an attempt to create fair, public financing of elections.


Resolution Supporting Immigration and Immigrant Rights

The Florida Democratic Party supports passing compassionate immigration policies that are consistent with the values of freedom, opportunity, and respect for human rights that our country seeks to uphold.


Resolution Supporting Health Care as a Human Right

The Florida Democratic Party supports quality and guaranteed health care as a right for all Floridians and supports policies that work towards a more progressive health care system.


Keep Florida’s Public Land and Beaches Publicly Owned

The Florida Democratic Party supports protecting ownership of Florida’s public lands and Beaches.


Promoting Responsible Gun Ownership and Common Sense Gun Safety

The Florida Democratic Party supports responsible gun ownership and supports reasonable actions to address and decrease gun violence.


Identify and Advocate for Florida Veterans and Military Families

The Florida Democratic Party aims to identify Democratic veterans and military families to enlist them in defense of their benefits. The Florida Democratic Party advocates for adequate funding for veteran health care through the VA and other benefits.


Supporting Greater Youth Engagement in the Florida Democratic Party

Young Democrats are critical in deciding elections–both in voting bloc size as well as the manpower they provide to our candidates and campaigns. The Florida Democratic Party aims for fair representation of young people in Democratic organizations and activities.


Supporting Patient Centered Treatment for Drug Addiction Recovery

The opioid epidemic is a crisis and it has been declared a State of Emergency in Florida. The Florida Democratic Party supports public health focused, comprehensive, outcome driven treatment and recovery support systems in order to reduce tragedies and save lives.