Crist Has Long History of Protecting Women’s Reproductive Rights!

Earlier this week, Florida Planned Parenthood PAC announced their endorsement of Charlie Crist to unseat Ron DeSantis as Governor of Florida. They said that he has made it clear that he will do “whatever it takes to end the assault on reproductive freedom in our state.” The Planned Parenthood Action Fund has given him a 100% rating for the 117th Congress. That rating is based on Crist’s votes on legislation related to sexual and reproductive health.

Crist’s record of support for women’s health and privacy rights goes back a long way. In June of 2010, as Florida’s Governor, Crist vetoed an anti-abortion bill that included one of the most extreme ultrasound requirements in the country and would have imposed a discriminatory public health policy that reduced women’s access to essential reproductive healthcare. Governor Crist wrote, “this bill places an inappropriate burden on women seeking to terminate a pregnancy… Personal views should not result in laws that unwisely expand the role of government and coerce people to obtain medical tests or procedures that are not medically necessary.” The governor added that the bill would have violated a woman’s right to privacy.

In accepting the nomination for Governor this week, Crist said that “on day one,” he will sign an executive order protecting women’s reproductive rights and freedoms.

Charlie Crist has a record of protecting rights and freedom for all Floridians, especially women and children. This November, we can restore his thoughtful, compassionate leadership to Florida by returning Charlie to the Governor’s office.

Let’s elect the only pro choice candidate in this race!

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