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Precinct Committee Person Training & Resources

Welcome to the Pinellas Democratic Party’s Training & Resources page! We are excited to provide you with valuable resources to help you become an effective advocate for progressive policies. Our team of experienced trainers has carefully curated a collection of tools, guides, and resources that will help you become a more effective advocate for our party.


Whether you are a seasoned volunteer or new to activism, our training resources are designed to support your growth as an advocate for a more just and equitable society. On this page, you’ll find a variety of resources aimed at building your skills, knowledge, and capacity to make a difference in your community and beyond.


From voter education and turnout strategies, to community organizing tactics and persuasive communication techniques, we have a wide variety of resources to meet your needs. Resources will be added after live training sessions so we encourage you to explore these resources and take advantage of everything we have to offer as we continue to add to this resource.


Thank you for your commitment to the Pinellas Democratic Party and our shared values. We look forward to working with you to build a more equitable and progressive future for all.

Dive Deeper into Trainings

Precinct Committee Person 101

What is a Democratic Precinct Chair, aka Precinct Committee Person?

This course is designed to help you strengthen the Democratic foundation in your community. As you prepare for your role in the Democratic community, this video from the National Democratic Training Committee will equip you to get closer to that victory on Election Day. Join us to learn the following:

  • Recognize Precinct Chair Responsibilities
  • Discuss Non-Electoral Organizing in Your Precinct
  • Understand Tactics to Maintain and Engage Precinct Members after Election Day

Pinellas Democratic Party Precinct Committee Person Orientation

Get to know all the ins and outs of being a member of the Pinellas Democratic Party and how we are connected to both the Florida Democratic Party, and the DNC, as well as how all our organizations are aligned.

Pinellas Democratic Party PCP Handbook

Congratulations on your election or appointment as a Precinct Committee Person! 

Being a Precinct Committee Person (PCP) is one of the most important roles in our party. As a PCP, you are on the front lines of winning elections up and down the ballot - from the School Board to the Senate.  You are the main point of information and contact for voters in your neighborhood and within the Democratic Party. 

Please download or bookmark this link and utilize the handbook as frequently as needed. It is our gold standard and can answer most questions you may have.

Learn all about the
Precinct Power Project!

The Pinellas Democrats Precinct Power Project is a new initiative aimed at empowering and strengthening the foundation of the Democratic Party in Pinellas County. At its core, the project centers around training and supporting Precinct Committee Members (PCPs) to actively engage with voters and build strong, cohesive precincts. By fostering direct connections and communication with the electorate, the project endeavors to create a robust network of engaged citizens, amplifying the Democratic voice in the community.

Precinct Power Project

The fundamental goal of the Precinct Power Project is to enhance civic participation and mobilize the party’s grassroots efforts by capitalizing on the power of individual engagement. Through training and support from their District Chairs and our Data Team, PCPs will be equipped with the necessary skills, knowledge, and resources to effectively interact with voters, listen to their concerns, and advocate for Democratic values and candidates. This emphasis on community outreach and communication ensures that every precinct becomes a vital and proactive part of the larger political landscape.

The project sets attainable benchmarks for PCP engagement, with the ultimate target being reaching out to 50 voters per month, per precinct. This commitment to personal interaction and outreach sets the Precinct Power Project apart from traditional political campaigns, as it emphasizes the importance of meaningful connections and sustained relationships with voters over time. By fostering regular engagement and dialogue, the project aims to build trust and understanding, effectively creating a strong voter base for the Democratic Party in Pinellas County.

As the project progresses, the cumulative efforts of the Precinct Committee Members are projected to result in more than 120,000 Pinellas Democratic voters contacted by summer 2024. Such a massive outreach represents a significant turning point for the party, reinforcing its commitment to inclusivity, diversity, and the active participation of its members. Moreover, the sustained communication and involvement fostered by the project can lead to increased voter turnout in crucial elections and build a robust ground game for future campaigns.

The Pinellas Democrats Precinct Power Project is a grassroots initiative dedicated to harnessing the strength of Precinct Committee Members to engage with voters and lay a strong foundation for the Democratic Party. By fostering active involvement, cultivating meaningful relationships, and setting ambitious outreach goals, the project seeks to empower voters, shape public opinion, and create lasting impact within the community. This formidable undertaking marks a new era of grassroots organizing for the Pinellas Democrats, driving towards a future of increased civic engagement and political strength.

Votebuilder (VAN) 101

As a volunteer Pinellas County Democratic Party Precinct Committee Person (Organizer) NGP VoteBuilder (VAN) is an invaluable tool to manage data and volunteers from year to year through every campaign cycle. You’ll organize your voter and volunteer universes, and set up databases to help make the most effective “asks” possible.

You will use VoteBuilder to track data and monitor the campaign’s progress toward its goals. The VAN Data Team will incorporate systems for data review and validation, an important part of accurately and effectively tracking voter contact data; without this, you’ll be unable to adapt tactics, making your vote goals more difficult to reach.

NGP Votebuilder (VAN)
DNC Votebuilder  / FDP
Votebuilder Data Tools (OpenVPB & MiniVAN)
Pinellas VAN Newsletter Archive

DNC Votebuilder Florida
Open vbp

Votebuilder (VAN) 101

Download & practice. (45 min)

 VAN 101 training Slides

VAN 101 for Organizers

VAN 101 for Organizers Reference Guide

Issue with your VAN Account?

Submit a Pinellas DEC VAN Support Ticket

DNC VAN 101 Part 1

A short guide to Votebuilder (VAN) basics

VAN Glossary

Definitions of VAN terms for your reference

Precinct Worksheet

Sample worksheet. Use this or create your own.

How To Send to Print

DNC guide on how to send to print

VAN Login Help

A guide for troubleshooting VAN log in

Biden / Harris Accomplishments

Use these Graphics for sharing

Votebuilder (VAN) External Tools

As a volunteer Organizer, you’ll use tools that give you access to VAN, Below are guides to use in training volunteers. Make sure volunteers Watch this first: Create an ActionID Video

OpenVPB video

For Phone Volunteers NEW
to OpenVPB 

Make Private Calls

Volunteers can use Google Voice for Android, IOS or Web.

Create a Google Voice Number

Set Up Two Factor

How set up two-factor

with your ActionID

MiniVAN Slides

Canvassing w/MiniVAN Volunteer Training Slides

What’s a MiniVAN Campaign?

Creating MiniVAN Lists

VAN Guides & Explainers

Here are a few guides and explainers to give you more information about items you will use in VAN.

DNC Security Check

Make sure you are secure Account & Device Checklist

VAN User Agreement

User aggreement & what it means to you

Data Suppressions

VAN Data Suppressions Definitions

Data Integrity, Accuracy

VAN Data Integrity and Why It’s So Important

Narrow List & Print

VBM & Petition Walk

Petition / VBM Script

2023 Walk Script

PCP Report Format

Precinct Organizing Detail

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