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You are the Future of the Democratic Party

Volunteers are the backbone, heart and soul of the Democratic Party! From staffing one of our two offices to knocking on doors for our candidates, volunteers make it happen! There are so many ways to volunteer and you get to decide how you can put your time and talents to work to help elect Democrats.

Some of our volunteers work almost full time while others put in a couple of hours a week, and we appreciate everyone who steps up regardless of the time commitment they are able to make. If you are interested in volunteering, please use the link above to access our volunteer application. A member of our Volunteer Team will contact you to discuss how you can join our team.

Get Involved with Pinellas Democrats!

Join the Pinellas Democrats

If you’re looking for an opportunity to get involved in your community, look no further. Our members create change by organizing to win offices up and down the ballot.

Attend an Event

You can start taking action any time; find a local event that looks interesting and sign up. Go just once or as often as you like. Volunteer to get involved in our most effective activities, talking to Pinellas residents during canvassing, phone banking and texting.

Join a Club or Caucus

Local clubs and caucuses focus on group interests, like the environment or LGBTQ+ issues, or general geographic locations in Pinellas. Look through our list clubs and caucuses to find one that interests you; most clubs meet once a month and host a variety of activities.

Become a Member

When you become a member of the Pinellas Democratic Party, you can serve on the board, a committee or become a PCP. PCDEC members engage with all Democratic activity in Pinellas, from campaigns to voter registration. Learn more about membership types.

You are the Future of the Democratic Party

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